Before Herschel Walker entered Georgia's policy as a republican Senate candidate with Trump's support, perhaps he was better known in the state for his connection with the University of Georgia. As a star soccer player in the early 1980s, he put the Bulldogs in the National Care Center, helping them win three consecutive SEC championships and becoming the second athlete of the University Soccer Power to win the trophy Heisman.

Walker, who won his Senate primaries last month, put his alma mater again in the headlines at the beginning of this spring when he repeatedly lying about his academic history during his campaign.

The former NFL corridor said he obtained a degree in criminal justice and graduated in the upper 1 percent of his class in UGA. Actually, he did not graduate at all: he left UGA in his third year to play in the short -term United States Soccer League before moving to the NFL.

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  • < P> Walker since then has denied having claimed to have graduated, a statement that has been refuted.

    Walker, who has also questioned the theory of evolution asking: "If it is true, why are there still apes?" -He won the erroneous information of more than his academic record. Last month, he said that former President Donald Trump never said that the 2020 elections were stolen, despite wide evidence otherwise.

    Walker is far from the first American politician to be caught fudating his academic history. The candidates for the state legislature in Oregon and Florida have abandoned their careers after claiming titles they never achieved. North Carolina representative, Madison Cawthorn, lied about being accepted at the US Naval Academy Obtained the titles he affirmed.

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    James Thurber, a government professor at the American University who has studied ethics in political campaigns, said that the main reasons why politicians lie about their academic records are sale and pride.

    "politicians have egos and sometimes they just want to make their narrative sound a little better than it really is," he said. "I think one of the reasons why they do so feel a bit insecure, and want to develop their reputation exaggerating."

    The problem goes beyond politics. The former CEO of Yahoo, Bausch & Lomb and Radioshack faced professional consequences for lying on their academic credentials. The higher education officials themselves are not immune either: in 2007, the former Dean of Mit admissions resigned after he came to light that he had manufactured the three titles he said he had when he had requested the work. P>

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  • then, when influential people lie about their academic credentials, what should their soul maters, or alleged soul Matters ,?

    'A Baldeo Complex Academic credentials, place the institutions that associate with a difficult position. Do they correct the statements and run the risk of angry with an important student, or remain silent and allow erroneous information about the titles so that they do not question?

    "Yes Som

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