Tennessee's higher education officials, such as their counterparts throughout the country, are dealing with the decrease in registration in universities throughout the State. But a precipitated fall in the high school graduates who enrolled in the university, the lowest numbers seen in a decade, has increased the alarms alarms and led state officials to double efforts to stop the decline and attract to more students.

The officials are also trying to find out what is promoting a new line of worrying trends: the first registration in the time of high school graduates is falling despite several established programs that previously helped Increase registration.

"I think everyone has the same questions, and everyone is still working on answers," said Linda Martin, vice president of academic issues and success of the students of the University of Tennessee system.

according to a new report by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (TheC) published May 23, "The university and the class of 2021", the percentage of graduates of the Public High School of Tennessee that attended the University in the autumn semester after its graduation fell from 56.8 percent to 52.8 percent. It was the lowest university registration rate since the Commission began to track the numbers in 2011. The rate also decreased sharply by 2020, from 61.8 percent in 2019, a decrease that coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emily House, executive director of the commission, said that she was not surprised by the decrease in the registration rate, but was "a shock for the higher education system."

"It is definitely not exclusive to Tennessee. It will take a long time to Tennessee and the nation to overcome this," she said. "It is a great call to action."

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Undergraduate registration rates and first year have decreased throughout the pandemic nationwide and in individual states. According to an April study conducted by the US Labor Statistics Office. Tennessee registration rate. However, he reflected national demographic trends. The recent high school graduates in the State who did not enroll in the University were disproportionately black and Hispanic students and low -income environments. The rate was also lower among students in rural areas than in other parts of the state.

The State is also similar to others in its efforts to increase the number of state residents with post -secondary titles or certificates to meet the market needs of the market and call together that they currently do not have enough qualified candidates.

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