Mark Scheinberg is a man of many responsibilities: President of the University of Goodwin, administrator of the University of Bridgeport and owner of two small for profit: Stone Academy and the Paier College of Art. Now, an agreement of the agreement of the Department of Justice will force him to leave the three roles.

For years Scheinberg paid students' loans to hide the non -compliance rate of the cohort of their universities in the Department of Education, according to an agreement with the Department of Justice was made public on May 27.

The Fallout

between 2015 and 2019, Scheinberg made 154 payments of himself and Stone Academy through a postal order to provide services on behalf of 102 Stone Academy Students. Its objective was to prevent students from falling into non -compliance, which would have increased the non -compliance with the university cohort, the proportion of federal loan borrowers that are not made within a certain period of time, according to the details of the department of Justice.


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