The Department of Education approves $ 5.8 billion of group download to cancel all the remaining loans for 560,000 borrowers who attended the demand for Corinthian Atorney General Kamala Harris against Corinthian played a key role in the work of the department of the department of the department of education to survive the borrowers of the borrowers harmed by Corinthian's Action of June 1, 2022 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
  • Today, the US Department of Education Property or operated by Corinthian Colleges Inc. (Corinthian) from its foundation in 1995 to 1995 to 1995 its closure in April 2015. This will result that 560,000 borrowers receive $ 5.8 billion in downloads of P downloads complete rates. This includes borrowers who have not yet requested a borrower's defense discharge, who will have their corinthic loans discharged without any additional action on their part. The action is the largest discharge of individual loans that the department has made in history. Providing this directed relief is part of the continuous commitment of the Biden-Harris administration to help borrowers who have more difficulties in ensuring that high programs provide the borrowers for the complete relief to which they are entitled. Today's action brings the total loan relief that the Biden-Harris administration has approved for borrowers to $ 25 billion since January 2021.

    today's announcement is based on conclusions that are reached For the first time by the Department of Education in 2015 that Corinthian participated in generalization and generalized misrepresentations related to the employment perspectives of a borrower, including the guarantees that they would find a job. Corinthian also made widespread erroneous statements to possible students about the ability to transfer credits and falsified their public employment placement rates. Founded in 1995, Corinthian acquired several private -for -profit universities with problems throughout the country. At its peak in 2010, he registered more than 110,000 students on 105 campus. The general work of the department to comply with the loans of the borrowers who were harmed by their irregularity, a process that has helped cancel loans of around 100,000 borrowers to date.

    "As of today, each student deceived, defrauded and indebted by Corinthian's universities may be sure that the Biden-Harris administration will support and download their federal loans for students," said the Secretary of Education of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona. "For too long, Corinthian dedicated himself to the wholesale financial exploitation of the students, deceiving them to assume more and more debts to pay the promises they would never have. While our actions today will relieve the victims of their loads of the Corinthian universities, The department, the department. Education is actively increasing supervision to better protect today's students from tactics and ensure that profit institutions, and corporations that possess them, never come out with such abuses. " . History about responsible Corinthian universities

    In 2013, Vice President Kamala Harris sued Corinthian when she was a general prosecutor of California, claiming that the company intentionally misrepresented her students about job placement rates and was participating in deception and false advertising and recruitment. Then, the investigation and demand of Attorney General Harris triggered several other consultations by the department and other federal and state regulators, as well as actions of the department that finally resulted in Corinthian to sell most of his campus in 2014 and closed the remaining the remaining In 2015.

    in 2015, the department and then stunned general Harris published exhaustive findings that show that Corinthian

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