As president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Freeman Hrabowski has committed to the diversity of a cornerstone of his career. Now the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has established a fund of $ 1.5 billion in its name to advance diversity in science.

The effort is a large part of an HHMI commitment of $ 2 billion to improve minority representation in science.

Under Hrabowski's leadership during the last 30 years, UmbC has graduated more black students who won Ph.D.S in natural sciences and engineering than any other American university. As Hrabowski prepares to retire in July, HHMI wants to continue his legacy.

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" Often, when the People talk about diversity, equity and inclusion, it is because they are concerned about street violence or realize that it is right to give all opportunities, "Hrabowski told Inside Edge. "But this signal from the Howard Hughes medical institute is that bringing more people to science and medicine is crucial, it is essential for the future of humanity."

How will the Hrabowski academic program will work, which officially opens up to today's requests, will select 150 early career scientists during the next decade, naming 30 each two years. Each selected academic will receive $ 8.6 million for a period of 10 years, which includes salary and complete benefits, a research budget, scientific teams, tutoring and professional development.

will be appointed academics for terms of five years with the possibility of renewal. Although technically HHMI employees, academics will remain in their institutions and laboratories of origin.

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Since technically it is an employment program, appointments cannot be done based on race, gender or other factors, but successful applicants must show a commitment to diversity.

“We want people to comment on their opinions about the importance of diversity in science, how they have been advised by people who trained them, how they intend to mentor people in their laboratory, And that is to establish their point of view on the importance of culture, weather and science, "said Leslie Voshall, vice president and scientific director of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute." That is a part of that. And then the second part is the scientific evaluation. ”

Applicants will go through a blind evaluation when commenting on the part of diversity; Reviewers will not know characteristics such as race or gender. The 300 best applicants will advance to the next round for scientific review, which will reduce the group to 60. Those candidates will participate in a virtual symposium, after which 30 winners will be selected.

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    Applicants must be scientists from an early career of one of more than 300 eligible institutions and cannot be employees of the government. There are more details about the eligibility available on the HHMI website.

    In honor of her homonym

    When considering how to call the program, Voshall said the name of Hrabowski obtained an enthusiastic response. She points out her legacy as president of UmbC, where he became famous for the success of the institution to graduate from black students who won Ph.D.S in scientific fields.

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