An article by Wall Street Journal published on Tuesday declared that administration officials had thought that an announcement could come as soon as this Saturday, when Biden is scheduled to give a start address at the University of Delaware.

The officials, however, also declared that the president had not reached the final decision. Li class = "popular-tom"> The NSC report shows the total registration in 4.1 percent

A democratic assistant of the Chamber confirmed with Inside Hig its edition had not yet listened to the Biden administration that a final announcement was planned about the relief of the debt for the start speech of Biden's Saturday. However, they said that Biden's announcement about debt relief will probably be delayed due to Tuesday's mass shooting in a primary school in Texas.

With questions about when and what final decision of Biden will still be the relief of debt largely in the air, higher education leaders have been provided with little information on how to prepare for what I could Being one of the biggest changes in federal policy for higher education in decades.

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Scott Buchanan, Executive Director of the Alliance of Student Loan Services, which represents 95 percent of loan suppliers that serve federal loans for students, which, which No matter what Biden announced, it could take months for loan administrators to implement the administrative Biden proposal. In addition, the lack of communication between the administration and the administrators has given them little space to prepare for such change.

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“If the past is a prologue, we will not have information in advance. I have waited and waited and still waiting for that practice to change so that we could really get some guidance and be prepared to respond to the tens of thousands of telephone calls, if not millions, that we will get from the borrowers asked what this means for them ”, Buchanan said.

At the end of April, Biden told journalists at a press conference from the White House that he would make a decision about the relief of debt within a couple of weeks. In addition, Biden told journalists that he was not considering $ 50,000 per borrower in debt reduction, a figure that has been defended by progressive democratic senators such as Chuck Schumer from New York, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Raphael Warnock of Georgia. >

Many different proposals have had a public debate on how Biden must act to forgive the debt of student loans. These include income -based relief, that many experts in higher education and officials of the Department of Education have declared that they could impose administrative burdens. The Washington Post reported in April that the Administration has considered an income limit that excludes borrowers who earn more than $ 125,000 to $ 150,000 a year.

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