The Regent Board of the System of the University of Alaska has approved salary increases for the Faculty, but the Faculty Union says that the measure is premature, in the midst of ongoing negotiations and federal mediation.

system leaders argue that the approval of increases in increases last week was a necessary movement for now or never. They say that negotiations towards a collective bargaining agreement had reached a dead point, even as they continued to participate in a federal mediation process to solve pending problems, and rushed to submit an application for salary increase before the legislators of Alaska will end their legislative session last Wednesday.

Despite the last minute impulse of the system, the Alaska Legislature did not act according to the request on time, which means that the members of the Union of the Faculty of the University of Alaska, United Academics, They will not see any immediate salary increase. The application will probably remain filed until legislators reconvene in January.

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among other things, United Academics argues that The Administration incorrectly declared a dead point in contract negotiations.

The breakdown

Although the university administrators say that time was exhausted on negotiations, union representatives point out that the process had been ongoing since the end of last summer. They accuse the university officials of sitting in initial proposals of the Union and dragging the negotiations.

University negotiators made a "better and last offer" to union negotiators at the end of April. Unable to reach an agreement on a handful of points, namely, on compensation and problems related to academic possession and freedom, the union and the university agreed to enter mediation.

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The sessions were scheduled throughout May. But on May 16, two days before a session with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, the University declared a dead point.

"In a unanimous vote this morning, the Regent Board took unprecedented measures to authorize the" best and last offer "of the administration to United Academics (UNAC). The action follows the negotiations Dead and an unsuccessful effort to reach an agreement in federal mediation, resulting at a dead point, ”wrote the president of the UA, Pat Pitney, in a message to the university community.“ With the negotiations in the impasse, and With the legislative session quickly coming to an end, there was no other way to obtain monetary terms in front of the legislature before the end of the session without this action. The university cannot provide a salary and increases in benefits to any union member without the legislature , including the monetary terms of the collective bargaining agreement in the budget, as required by law. ” later.

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