The student activists are pushing for the University of Texas at Austin professors of fire who have committed sexual misconduct and publicly disclose their records disciplinary celebrating a victory on Monday when the university president Greg Fenves agreed to the termination of a punishment for default for this type of behavior.

School and members of staff convicted of sexual assault, sexual harassment, harassment or interpersonal violence after a "thorough investigation" will presumably separated from the university, Fenves said in a letter to the campus. The aim is that the new policy into effect at the end of the semester, said Scott Schneider, a partner at Husch Blackwell, the law firm that was hired by the university administrators to advise and recommended policy changes.

Schneider said there will be some exceptions to the policy. A member of the faculty or staff involved in sexual misconduct would be allowed to remain employed if the victim of his actions said he did not want to "ruin the life of this person," Schneider said.

Husch Blackwell recommends any member of staff or faculty retained by the university must appear in a report that includes your name, poor compromised behavior and "mitigating factors" that prevent its completion, the report of the firm. The regularity of the report has not yet been determined, said Gary Susswein, director of communications.

Although Fenves said in his letter that the information process would preserve "the privacy of the survivors," Schneider said doing so could be difficult at the time it provides a list of such. He is also concerned that could reduce the reporting of misconduct, because only public records laws in Texas allow disclosure of records of university staff.

"I worry about the meetings we have had with the plaintiffs, survivors ... people of the community will be able to find out who these people are," Schneider said. "There have been some new trauma associated with that. I'm not a big fan of providing this information. I want to be using it on a limited basis. "

The recommendations met with los'grandes exigencias'de the Coalition against sexual misconduct, or CASM, a group led by students who advocated policy changes and led several demonstrations on campus, said Tasnim Islam, a spokesman for CASM and member of the Working Group of the misconduct of the university. UT Austin will be the first US university publish the names of teachers and employees disciplined for sexual misconduct, CASM, he wrote in a Facebook message.

"It's a lot of complicated emotions, but when I first saw it, I almost had tears of joy," Islam said. "It felt so good to know all our hard work paid off. Many of the recommendations were very similar and reflects the same values ​​as the student list of complaints mentioned. "

Islam was frustrated that Fenves not explicitly mention the work of CASM or other student activists who have been pushing for changes in policy for several years. "It's amazing and all because of student activists," he said.

Fenves said Islam did not address some specific changes that CASM wanted. The changes include accelerating the process of reporting to the office of Title IX of the UT Austin, which deals with complaints of sexual misconduct.

The recommendations of the Husch Blackwell, who Fenves agreed in its entirety, the "anecdotal information from various stakeholders identified that resolving discrimination claims sex took an excessively long period of time "and recommended college adopte'una reasonable timeline and allegedly apropiada'a claims to solve.

Some of the victims had shared similar stories during a forum organized emotional listening by CASM on January 27, where students accused Fenves, Provost Laurie McInnis and Soncia reaginas-Lilly, vice president of student affairs and dean of students, not to worry about their safety in the classroom. After the forum, Fenves asked the original timeline established by the working group and Husch Blackwell to deliver recommendations be accelerated for two weeks, Susswein said. Kept firm meetings with stakeholders - 150 students, survivors, charged and disciplined faculty members and administrators - in the course of the last month, said

Silence Blackwell also recommended the mandate College of sexual misconduct . awareness and prevention training for all teachers and staff, according to the report. He also suggested a formal process of alternative dispute resolution for employees guilty of crimes of sexual discrimination lower level, which would allow victims and respondents to participate in restorative justice, if both agree, and employees reinstated in school after of being disciplined.

Fenves was unequivocal about the new rule to be embraced by the university. The university is now a formal institutional review process will begin for the implementation of policies. It is not clear how long it will take until the changes take effect, Schneider said.

"sexual assault, sexual harassment, harassment and interpersonal violence will not be accepted at the University of Texas at Austin," the statement said Fenves. "If a faculty member or staff commit these acts, the consequences are clear."

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