Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine, met practically last week with presidents of members of the Association of American Universities. He gave an overview of Ukraine's position on the war instigated by Russia and also answered questions about Ukraine's interest in future associations with American schools and universities. The management was also broadcast live to the students of the AAU institutions.

Zelensky dedicated his talk with the students they were watching. He said that all students face some key decisions: “Are you an actor or simply an observer? Are you trying to change something or not? These are decisions that change the life that shape the student's character, he said.

He talked about how when students find hatred, they will film incidents in their phones and publish the video on Instagram or YouTube. But to really change hate, in some circumstances, he asks if the students who recorded hatred really prevented him from taking place. Class = "popular-toem"> Polarizing Hire in Morehouse College Sparks Controversy

in Ukraine, he said, students and others have decided" to be actors. "

Patrick D. Gallagher, chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh, asked what US universities can do to support Ukraine students.

"It is not easy to maintain education in our state now," said Zelensky. "We are intelligent people," and that means that students want to be educated. He said that during the pandemic, much was done in terms of online education, and part of that work has continued.

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But the central theme, he said, is that "many young people ... wanted to defend their country."

Kristina M. Johnson, president of Ohio State University, asked how US universities could help Ukrainians recover from war.

Zelensky said that such help would be "stimulus for life."

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    Zelensky also emphasized that "it is important that students and researchers return" Ukraine after the war.

    She emphasized that "life returns quickly" in parts of the country. "People return to universities," she said. In the end, "I think everything will be fine."

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    Peter Salovey, president of the University of Yale, asked about what to expect not only from Ukrainian students, but also from students close to Poland, Baltic states and even Russia.

    Zelensky said that was "a very difficult question."

    "I understand that we should not discriminate" based on where people are, he said. And he pointed out that many Russians have abandoned their country of origin by opposition to war. But he added that he expected Russia's students to speak against the invasion. They "should say it," he said.

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