A newly hired administrator in Morehouse College has caused divisions and debate among alumni on who can represent the institution. Some students and students concern the new administrator, who will supervise marketing and recruitment in the Atlanta institution, is not qualified and questioned if a white woman should have been chosen as the face of a black male university on candidates for black men. Others have argued that she needs to have a chance.

Paula Resley began working as a brand director of Morehouse and Vice President of Strategic Communications, Marketing and Admissions earlier this month. Her work is to direct the "brand and messaging strategy, as well as the directed recruitment and digital commitment," according to a university press release. Her curriculum is full of marketing experience, mainly in the health care industry; She has never held a position in higher education. The most recent role of her was as a senior marketing director of the United States, Latin America and Canada in Cuestream Dental, a dental image company and a Atlanta -based software company.

"Paula's experience and experience, particularly in digital commitment, will help Morehouse to continue expanding his international visibility and will amplify his crucial voice," said the president of Morehouse, David A. Thomas, in the notice.

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The announcement It was followed by a large amount of reaction in social networks, and the calls and emails to the university, of the students who question the decision. Resley responded to some of the negative comments about LinkedIn, defending and affirming her commitment to remain at work, but then eliminated her responses. The leaders of the campus, including Resley, refused to comment through a spokesman for the controversy surrounding the hiring.

A student called the hiring decision as an "insult to Morehouse's legacy and a blow to the brand" in a thread on LinkedIn.

"The great emphasis on women is an attack on male and not appropriate leadership for Morehouse," she wrote. “I wonder how long before Morehouse stops recognizing himself. Six months? Betting on how long before they are not black men at all. If there are more home men who see what I see that they should speak and stop pretending that this is fine. ;

Another graduate from Morehouse wrote in the same thread that he had "not yet to have seen a reasonable explanation of this anywhere."

resley, in the press release announcing her position, she said she felt "honest to join the leadership team" and "excited to work along with this inspiring staff, faculty, students and former former students".

and in a wink to the historic history of the University of Educate Black Men, including Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., added: "The mission of Morehouse College to develop young blacks to carry lives of Leadership and service is something I believe and the standards I aspire to defend, "he said. "With the leadership position of decades of Morehouse College on social justice, I am motivated where we will take the university in the coming decades."

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  • much of the debate among the alumni on the role of Resley focuses on who could have been hired instead. An employee who asked to remain in anonymity said that two other candidates who interviewed for the position were black men, and

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