• Rebecca Cantor, assistant rector and English teacher at the Savannah College of Art and Design, in Georgia, has been chosen as rector at Spring Hill College, in Alabama.
  • Ryan Cornner, Vice Chancellor of Educational Programs and Institutional Effectiveness in the District of Community Colleges of Los Angeles, in California, have been chosen as Superintendent/President of the District of Community Colleges of Glendale, also in California.
  • Michael Gutiérrez, president of Sacramento City College, in California, has been appointed Superintendent/President of the Hartnell Community College district, also in California. Superintendent/President there.
  • Michael Lalibre, president of the New York State University in Delhi, has been selected as president of the University of Maine in Augusta.
  • Avinandan (AVI) Mukherjee, int rector Erim at Marshall University, in West Virginia, has been appointed rector and senior vice president of academic issues there. Elected as president of Hartwick College, in New York.
  • Brent White, Vice President of Global Affairs and Dean of Global Locations of the University of Arizona, has been appointed Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Golden Gate Universidad, in California.

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    Gainful Employment Change Could Harm For-Profits

    Under the rule of paid employment proposed by the Biden administration, 40 percent of programs in profit universities would fail, potentially risking

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