• Rondall E. Allen, interim vice president of strategic initiatives on the east coast of the University of Maryland, has been appointed Provost and vice president of academic issues there. The Institute of the University of St. Edward, in Texas, has been appointed president of Holy Cross College, in Indiana.
  • Susanne Cox, vice president of Tennessee College of Appliad Technology Morristown, has been promoted to the president there. /li>
  • Curt Laird, associate vice president of academic affairs at Columbus State Community College, in Ohio, has been appointed Provost and Executive Vice President at Spartanburg Methodist College, in South Carolina.
  • Patricia a. Marshall, an attached commissioner of academic issues and student success in the Department of Higher Education of Massachusetts, has been selected as Rector and Vice President of Academic Affairs at the State University of Fitchburg, also in Massachusetts.
  • John T. McGree Vy, Francis A. Mcananey Professor of History and former Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Letters at the University of Notre Dame, has been appointed Charles and Jill Fischer Provost there. Affairs at Arkansas State University - Newport, has been selected as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the Community College of the University of Arkansas in Batesville.
  • Rodney A. Smolla, Dean and Law Professor at the Widener University of the Delaware University of the Law School, has been elected as president of the Vermont Law Faculty.
  • Darrell Williams, vice president of the United Kingdom and managing director of Leidos and former director of the Defense Defense Logistics Agency, has been appointed president of the University of Hampton, in Virginia.

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