When Politico reported earlier this month that it is likely that the Supreme Court revokes its decision of Roe v. Wade of 1973 who guarantees the constitutional protection of abortion rights, Sarah Rosen, a third -year student at the University of Washington in St. Louis, saw the worst fears of her becoming a reality.

"I was surprised, horrified and dismayed," Rosen said. "But it was also not so surprised, because with the way the court is stacked and the way in which the judges in court have had this issue, it was a bit inevitable."

Rosen is a member of the Executive Board of the Planned Parenthood Generation Action Organization in Washu, where bets are especially high, because Missouri is one of the 13 states that have the so -called trigger laws that They prohibit abortion if the Supreme Court cancels Roe.

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  • Rosen and their organization were already advocating for maintaining legal abortion In Missouri, where the procedure is currently allowed until the 22nd week of pregnancy. But the draft of the leaked opinion drove the group to overwhelm. On May 6, Rosen helped organize a demonstration on campus, which attracted more than 300 students, she said. State abortion care for employees if it becomes illegal in Missouri and prevents the campus police looking for.

    "" We have received many questions from well -intentioned students in the chats of the social networks group asking why we chose to call the university, "Rosen said. “Our response to that is that the university is an incredibly powerful entity in the state of Missouri. And so, although it could be difficult for us as individuals to influence our legislators, the university absolutely has that power. " ;);

    more than 300 students attended Washu's protest, with signs that said: "abortion is health" and "defend their students." Within two days after the publication of the demand letter , more than 500 students, professors, staff and community members had signed, said Rosen. The subject. But the dean of students Rob Wild told the student newspaper that the university did not plan to take a position on the abortion law. li class = "first"> privacy is really dead now

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  • "I know that the university, as everything, will continue to follow closely, and if it is appropriate that the Universidad intervene, I know we will, ”Wild told Student Life. “But I can now tell you that the University does not have an official position on this particular issue. I mean, it is a leak, so it is difficult. " Texas in support of the rights of abortion. The student newspaper of the University of George Washington wrote an opinion article that asked the university to adopt a position on the subject.> Googetag.cmd.push (function () Googetag.display ( "dfp-ad-article_in_article_low"););

    at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, another state with abortion activation laws,

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