The University of the University of Nebraska has a problem of $ 800 million. That is the cost of its accumulation of capital renewal projects in 900 buildings on the four system of the system, which include ceil repairs, maintenance of the flotation line and complete buildings that need renewal or replacement. Public Higher Education System, especially in a state with liquidity problems such as Nebraska. But system officials have associated with state legislators to prepare an innovative solution, generating an agreement that would generate more funds and cover 40 years of maintenance costs.

The system took advantage of records of records record-low to finance repairs and renovations long delayed. By 2030, Nebraska plans to buy another $ 400 million in bonds for the same purpose. The objective is to use bond sales to address as many capital renewal accumulation in the next decade, instead of going to the State every five or 10 years to finance urgent needs.

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the CFO of the Nebraska University System, Chris Kabourek, said that before the bond sale agreement, they were taking a "shotgun approach" for deferred maintenance funds.

"every 10 years we did some projects, but we still had this accumulation of giant deferred maintenance," he said. "So we start having conversations about taking a broader and more strategic long -term vision to address this."

money will finance the construction of modern buildings and facilities, including an avant -garde Musical Education Center to replace a 70 -year structure on the Lincoln campus, which Kabourek hopes to attract the eyes. But much of the financing will be allocated to what he calls "unattractive" projects, such as re -wiring buildings, update HVAC systems and repair roofs.

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So it seems, this type of routine and maintenance maintenance can have a great impact on other areas of institutional success, including students' satisfaction, registration and recruitment of the faculty.

"We are all in this war of talents not only for students, but also for faculty and staff," Kabourek said. "In a state like Nebraska, we don't have oceans, we don't have mountains .. Sometimes buyers buy with their eyes, and so when students see facilities that are world -class and well maintained, which really help our recruitment strategy. "

The Nebraska Bond Financing Agreement includes a single stipulation: for any project financed with state money, the University will receive 2 percent of the expenses of the project operational budget and add it to a fund of depreciation that can be used once the bonds are exhausted. SAR Deferred maintenance costs, which can be difficult to prioritize in the budget allocation, this commitment to sustainability could be the most important part of the agreement, and one that others publish IC universities that seek a better long -term maintenance plan You can search.

"Deferred maintenance requires budget discipline," Kabourek said. "We are trying to find a sustainable financing mechanism so that we can dismiss this indebtedness mentality."

is a solution that can also attract state governments. Kabourek Sai

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