Kyla Aguirre, Junior at Denver Metropolitan State University, did not know if she could pay her last year of university. She is a full -time student, and her and her husband were struggling to overcome only an income. But she recently discovered that she, and all American native students in the institution, will have their tuition and rates covered from now on, starting next autumn.

described the news as "that change life" for her and her classmates. The new subsidy program will cover all registration costs not covered by state or federal financial aid for Colorado residents belonging to the tribal nations recognized by the federal government. She will also renounce enrollment for students from other states that are historically members of Colorado headquarters.

"Indigenous peoples were forced to give up their lands, their children and their lives, all for broken promises." Aguirre said, a political science student who is a member of the Chickasaw Nation and vice president of the Native and Indigenous Student Alliance of the University. "They tried to steal our future, so this is the first step in a long walk to correct the past."

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