• Valerie Sheares Ashby, Dean of the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences at Duke University, in North Carolina, has been selected as president of the University of Maryland Baltimore County.
  • Ericke Cage, interim president of West Virginia State University, has been appointed for work permanently.
  • Kelly R. Dammpofusse, Chancellor and CEO of the Arkansas State University, has been appointed president of the Texas State University.
  • > David Davies, associate professor and director of the School of Music at Nazareth College, in New York, has been chosen as Rector at Houghton College, also in New York.
  • Rod L. Flanigan, Dean of Business Business Technology in Cochise College, in Arizona, has been appointed president of the North Dakota State Sciences College. as Rector and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs there.
  • Bill Pink, President or F Grand Rapids Community College, in Michigan, has been appointed president of Ferris State University, also in Michigan.
  • Amy Sueyoshi, dean of the Faculty of Ethnic Studies of the State University of San Francisco, in California, has been promoted to Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs there.
  • Gregory J. Vincent, Professor of Educational Policy and Law at the University of Kentucky and former president of Hobart and William Smith Colleges, has been elected as president of Talladega College, in Florida.

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