• University of Wisconsin in Green Bay is starting a campaign, which is expected to be wrapped in December 2023, to raise $ 20 million. The university has already increased half of that amount.
  • Increase in the objective
  • Virginia Tech increased the objective of its campaign to $ 1,872 billion, at the time of the University's foundation in 1872. The original objective of the campaign was of $ 1.5 billion. The campaign began in 2019 and is scheduled to finish in 2027.
  • finishing
  • University of the Arts raised $ 67 million in a campaign that began in 2018. The original objective was $ of $ 50 million.

  • Image of How to find a teaching job in Universities in China
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    Image of  Students Demand Action on Abortion Rights
    Students Demand Action on Abortion Rights

    When Politico reported earlier this month that it is likely that the Supreme Court revokes its decision of Roe v. Wade of 1973 who guarantees the con

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