Pikes Peak Community College is ready to transform into Pikes Peak State College after the governor of Colorado Jared Polis signed a bill last month to change the name of the university.

The leaders of the Campus discussed to drop the "community" of the university name for approximately a decade, but those discussions crystallized in the last two years, said Lance Bolton, president of the University.

Brand change addresses what Bolton believes that it is an unfortunate reality: that future students see community schools as an "lower" academic option that provides lower education and less marketable degrees.

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  • Bolton said that students quickly see the value of the community university once they register, but getting them to register is another story. He pointed out that some high school teachers advise students who do not attend community schools and describe them as second -class options. He also pointed out that representations of the media of community schools can damage their reputation and influence public perceptions. He pointed to the popular television programs community. Bolton felt the situation comedy, about a group of friends from Ragtag at a community university that was executed for six seasons, portrayed the students of the Community University as "Misfits and Oddballs."

    "We have a long time perception that the Community University has a stigma among many of the students who are really trying to serve," he said. "This is mainly the problem we are trying to overcome."

    The leaders of the Community University who have left the word "community" in the last decade, in favor of the shortest and most agile names, hope to modernize their image and reinforcement of registration. Some university leaders have adopted The movement as an opportunity to indicate ways in which community schools are expanding beyond their traditional offers to meet the needs of students and the workforce. Others have stayed quickly with their original names, arguing that the term "school" Community "Better your mission. He arrives, he said that he understands why university leaders, nervous about the negative perceptions of community schools, would make the change. But he believes that the word "community" captures the greatest point of sale in universities: the commitment to serve local students and their families and meet the needs of the regional workforce. Robinson launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #EndCCCMA in 2019. Other defenders of the Community University have led Tik Tok to defend and praise the institutions, producing viral videos with students dancing and listing the benefits of a community university education.

    A 'teaching problem, not a marketing problem'

    "I think this problem is much larger than the brand and nomenclature," Robinson said. "I think it is a teaching problem, not a marketing problem. The phrase of our antistigma campaign is" we are not going to change our name. "We are going to change our minds." It is a teaching problem so that everyone knows what a fantastic and transformative idea is the community university. From my perspective, 'Community' is the best part of our name. ”

    community schools have enjoyed relatively greater national recognition and appreciation . First Lady Jill Biden, a professor at Northern Virginia Community College, has been a strong defender of institutions on the national stage. Community schools have also increased

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