In almost secret last month, the Mississippi Trustee Board of State Institutions of Higher Education changed the way in which the members of the Faculty obtain and maintain tenure.

instead of having the last word of tenure in the eight public universities in Mississippi, as has been the case, the presidents of the campus will now make those decisions. The Board will only check for possession decisions.

That change is only worrying for most members of the Faculty. But the Board at its April meeting also reviewed the process of search and presidential selection of the campus to be almost completely to the trusts. Among other changes, the trusts will now designate a search advisory committee only by choice, and any member of the committee will work independently and confidentially, since the identities of the members will not be revealed to each other. Visits to the Campus of the candidates in Elantero are not required, and the Board can recruit presidential candidates to the selection point. Therefore, teachers concern that this minimizes, or even eliminated, the faculty says that it will become a president of the campus in the first place, a perspective that is too real for teachers who lived the controversial appointment of Glenn Boyce as chancellor of The University of Mississippi in 2019. (Boyce was initially a consultant for the Foreign Minister and was never sent as an official candidate).

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Collegiality, communication and behavior 'contumaz'

More worrying the members of the Faculty: beyond the typical teaching, research and service tria "; and lack of" contumaz behavior ". Academic. Specifically, the Board cites AAUP's position on extramural discourse, which teachers "must be free of institutional censorship or discipline, but their special position in the community imposes special obligations. As academics and educational officials, they must remember that the public can judge their profession for their expressions. Therefore, at all times they must be precise, they must exercise an appropriate restriction, they must show respect for the opinions of others and must do everything possible to indicate that they are not talking to the institution. ” However, the AAUP has described since 1940 this so -called warning paragraph of its statement, and otherwise made it clear that the statement is destined to emphasize academic freedom, not its limits.

Without contribution to introduce dangerous levels of subjectivity in the review process. The AAUP does not discourage collegiality completely, but argues that the ability of one to participate in "collaboration and constructive cooperation" is already precise and adequately reflected in its teaching, research and service records.

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Unlike the main recent changes in how possession works in Georgia and Florida, that the faculty groups opposed as their board of directors and their state legislature, respectively, weighed them, those in Mississippi were completely unknown to the teachers until they were a hiti. And it seems that it was by design. According to Mississippi Today reports, which is how most teachers learned about these changes

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