When the Board of Governors of the System of the University of North Carolina recently received data that shows a sudden and dramatic increase in the billing of teachers and staff last summer, asked questions about whether teachers and staff were leaving or changed work in the 17 institution institutions. at the same rate as other systems throughout the country, and as often as employees in other sectors.

The data presented by the University Personnel Committee at a meeting of the Board of April 7 showed 827 "separations promoted by employees owed to employee resignations, including transfers to other institutions (but not including movement within the same institution) ”In June 2021. The total number of resignations and transfers was more than double the number of employee outputs in each of the previous 10 months, including 338 that took place In May 2021 and 363 in June 2020.

Billing only in the Faculty in June 2021 was even more pronounced: 293 compared to 147 in June 2020, and most from Ju Ne 2019. >

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  • Matthew Brody, senior vice president of the UNC system and director of Human Resources, presented a summary report of the data during the meeting of the Board held at the University of Western Carolina. He pointed out that billing seemed to be "a direct result of the COVID-19 event."

    That point was reinforced in the written report, which declared: "Billing decreased significantly month by month for the first 5 months of the pandemic (April-August of 2020) remained at levels consisting of years with years Previous until June 2021. From the summer of 2021, the billing rates of the university increased substantially in all areas and this trend continues to date. " /P>

    Kevin McClure, associate professor of Higher Education at UNC Wilmington, was not convinced that the pandemic played such a unique role. He believes that the national factors that accelerated what has been known as the great resignation had the same effect on the UNC campus and are still being developed in the academy.

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    McClure, who is also a communications director in the Alliance for the Research of Regional Colleges, highlighted the billing numbers in the state system in his Twitter account.

    "I think many of the reasons for the game are connected with problems that prior to the pandemic," he said in a Twitter thread about turnover in the UNC system.

    mcclure described those factors earlier this month in a discussion in the inside podcast Highing Ed. He said that they include the problems of "exhaustion, demoralization, disconnection", which "have existed a lot of time and do not go To disappear when pandemic does it. Pandemia revived them. "

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  • United States was also more than a year in Pandemia and the national racial calculation that followed the murder of George Floyd at the time of employee rotation. Many people believe that both events played a role in the decisions of employees to give up or go to jobs in other places. While these events were also factors in UNC Chapel Hill, many point to the controversy about the failed hiring of the journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones as particularly harmful to perceptions about the work environment on the campus. The billing of the faculty and the personnel in Chapel Hill increased from 8.5 percent to 9.1 percent from fiscal year 2020 to 2021. It was one of several UNC campus to experience

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