The governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, and his classmates in the General Assembly are pressing for $ 200 million in funds for scholarships for students enrolled in community schools and four -year institutions that are part of the State System of Higher Education. Wolf made the same budget request in the previous two years, and the legislature controlled by the Republicans rejected it twice. But a notable change in the source of financing, and the support he has obtained in both cameras of the state legislature, can reverse the trend.

The main reason for the opposition to the application remains the same, a significant part of the $ 200 million will come from the state of the state, which is funded by the income of the casinos and supports To the career industry. The current scholarship proposal includes $ 88 million of the trust; The rest would come from Federal Help Funds of COVID-19, according to a governor spokesman. Previous budget applications have proposed that almost all funds come from the horsepower fund, angry the defenders of the horse racing industry and their supporters in the legislature.

The budget struggle is expected to accelerate in June as the legislative session comes to an end at the end of the month.

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