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  • Discharges for a total of approximately $ 238 million. This group Discharge will provide relief to the borrowers who registered in Marinello during this period, including those who have not yet requested a borrower's defense Discharge.

    While the department continues its work to review the borrower's claims, it is also causing four key hiring in the Federal Student Aid Office (FSA) with an important federal supervision experience, of the Congress and state. They about the quality of their programs and left them buried in an unasquant debt that they could not pay, "said the Secretary of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona." Today's announcement will rationalize access to debt relief for thousands of borrowers caught in Marinello's lies. In the Department of Education, we will continue to strengthen the supervision and application of universities and career schools that are dedicated to misconduct and defend the commitment of the Biden-Harris administration to help students who have been harmed. ”

    This Marinello Group La Alta reflects the findings of the department that the school participated in widespread and generalized misconduct that negatively affected all borrowers who registered in Marinello during the period of time covered. These findings led the department to approve claims to defense of the individual borrower last summer. This group Discharge will facilitate relief to additional borrowers harmed by Marinello's actions, including many who have not yet requested the borrower's defense. It is the first group Discharge that defrauded borrowers have been approved since 2017, after the previous administration did not approve of group claim or new findings.

    Today's shares provide the total amount of relief approved based on the borrower's defense findings during the administration of Biden-Harris to approximately $ 2.1 billion for 132,000 borrowers.

    To date, the department had approved approximately 300 borrower defense claims in Marinello under the findings achieved last July that Marinello made generalized and substantial errors about the instructions of the instructions that would be offered in their campus of all country. The department discovered that schools could not train students into key elements of a cosmetology program, such as how to cut hair. He also discovered that Marinello left students without instructors for weeks or months at the same time as part of a pattern of not providing the education he promised.

    , as a result, students would have found extremely difficult to approve necessary state licenses evidence and receive the promised performance of their educational investment. Marinello not only could not teach his students, the collective action demands presented in Nevada and California alleged that the school used classrooms as profit centers and exploited students as a source of unpaid work.

    The department has continued to analyze the evidence related to Marinello and concluded that misconduct was so widespread on all school campuses for a period of years that all borrowers who attended between 2009 and the closures of Schools in 2016 have the right to


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