• Dr. Robin Farias-Eisner, Director of the Integral Cancer Research Center of Henry Lynch and academic director of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Creighton, in Nebraska, has been selected as president of the western University of Health Sciences, in California .
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  • Janet L. Gooch, executive vice president of academic and rector matters of the State University of Truman, in Missouri, has been appointed chancellor of the University of Illinois in Springfield and vice president of the system of the system of the system of Illinois University.
  • > Donald Hall, Robert L. and Mary L. Sproull Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering at Rochester University, has been appointed Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost at the University of Binghamton, Part of the New York State University of New York System.
  • John Hoffman, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs of the University of Minnesota in Crookston, has been elected as president of the State University of Bemidji and the technique of Northwest College, also in Minnesota.
  • Russell A. Kavalhuna, president of Henry Ford College, in Michigan, has been selected as president of the Virginia community school system.
  • Rachelle Keck, president of Briar Cliff University, in Iowa, has been chosen as president of Grand View University, also in Iowa.
  • Law Rhea, interim president of the University of the University of the University of the University of the South of Florida, has been appointed from work on a base.
  • Frank Shushak Jr., Vice President of Student Affairs in Virginia Tech, has been selected as president of Roanoke College, also in Virginia.
  • Evelyn Welch, senior vice president (service, people and planning) in King's College London, in Great Britain, has been appointed Vice Chancellor at the University of Bristol, also in Great Britain.

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