The trap rates in online exams have reached a record, according to the prosecution data that shows that one of every 14 students was caught breaking the rules last year.

A global data analysis on three million tests used by the Proctoru processing platform found that "confirmed infractions" of the test regulations, incidents where there was clear evidence of misconduct, were recorded in the 6.6 percent of all cases.

This is almost 14 times greater than 0.5 percent the bad behavior rate detected in the 15 months at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, which triggered the generalized adoption of online evaluations and, with this , an increase in the use of online procurement services such as Proctoru.

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but also represents a strong increase in 2020, when the Infractions were confirmed in 3.9 percent of the tests, indicating that the problem is getting worse as students get more customary to online tests.

The data is based on tests carried out in approximately 1,000 centers worldwide, mainly in the US, Great Britain and Australia. The breach rate confirmed only for higher education evaluations, excluding professional exams, was even higher than the general average, with 7.2 percent.

The founder of Proctoru, Jarrod Morgan, who is now a strategy director of the Matrix company with the headquarters in Alabama Learning of Meazure, said he worried that the trap rate was so high despite the fact that the Students knew they were being observed.

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Morgan said that trap rates would probably be even higher in universities that did not use online acquisition, and expressed concern that such high levels of rupture of rules could devalue students' qualifications.

"It doesn't take long it takes long before everything begins to collapse; the value of a degree or degree comes from the society that agrees that if you get it from such a place, it means something" , said. Li Class = "First"> Parents sentenced to deceive the SAT of the Son

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    "If we begin to think that it does not mean so much because we know that people have cheated the courses, everything begins to get unstable."

    A Proctoru report also details the misconduct he did does not equals a definitive violation of the rules. Almost two thirds of higher education students (64.4 percent) reached the exams last year with "resources not allowed", such as textbooks or mobile phones, while exam supervisors had to intervene to clarify or enforce the rules to prevent the possible trap in almost one in five cases (19.1 percent).

    Thomas Lancaster, a member of the senior teaching and an expert in academic integrity in the Imperial College London, which has been well documented that misconduct has increased during the pandemic, it was surprising to see such an increase among the students that They are monitored online through a process that has been criticized for being "more invasive than the face -to -face attorney."

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    "That suggests that students feel so much pressure that they have been forced to resort to unfair means in this situation," Lancaster said.

    Some researchers have expressed concern about the lack of independent evidence that supports

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