The University of Baylor announced sanctions against Pi Kappa Phi last week after an investigation found the fraternity guilty of novatadas promises through sleep deprivation.

but a commitment of Pi Kappa Phi that the ride for the university reported much more than a lack of sleep.

The student, through his father, told Inside Higher Ed that he was forced to eliminate all his social networks and share his cellular location with other members of the fraternity. He was also asked to use his parents' credit card to buy items that would become the "novatados bag" of the promise, including sardines, a brick, a bandage in the eyes, games, five packages of emergen- C and a bottle of water.


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The family requested anonymity for fear of reprisals.

During the home start process, the student said he was confined in a narrow room and denied the dream for 48 hours. He was demanded that he eat Multiple cans of sardines as quickly as possible and then Calistenices. The promises that vomited were forced to eat their own vomit, said the student's father.

The ride took place from February 2 to 5, according to the Baylor Student Behavior Administration Report. The student informed the ride for the Baylor Interfraternity Council and the Office of Student Affairs on February 3. The administration of behaviors began an investigation on February 7.

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The report concluded that Pi Kappa Phi was guilty of the promises of novatadas through the deprivation of sleep through night events, subjecting them "to an unreasonable risk of damage and/or negatively affected the physical health and/or the Student safety ". << On campus. But the report pointed out that fraternity can still participate in the Floating Parade back to the house of the next autumn, Intramuros Sports and "other activities that benefit the Baylor community or promote the positive development of internal chapters."

dissatisfied with the result, the student, the student and his family is now asking Baylor to examine the incident again and publish a report that more accurately reflects what the student happened. They also urge Baylor to expel and hold the members of the individual fraternity according to the Antihaz Law of Texas, which classifies the novatadas that cause serious body injuries to another as a minor crime of class. Novatadas who do not cause serious body injuries to another is a minor crime of class B and the novatadas that cause the death of another is a serious crime under the statute of the State.

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  • "This was poorly managed since the beginning of Baylor", The student's father said, "said the student's father," said the student's father. "" What happened and what was described in the report was not sleep deprivation. " , associated and dean vice president of Baylor students, by email that the university followed the law and the protocols of the university in the management of the situation. , Hynes wrote. "The university conducted an exhaustive investigation while following our established policies and procedures. We trust our process and our fulfill ("dfp-ad-article_in_article_low"); );

    she pointed out that the process is designated


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