U.S. The Department of Education announces the Expansion of the second chance Experiment Pell and Actions to help people in jack -1576, press@ed.gov
  • Today, during the month of the second chance, the United States Department of Education announces Actions to help imprison The people previously imprisoned, improve public security and strengthen our communities and our economy. The department has invited 73 schools and universities to participate in the third round of the Pell Second Chance Experiment, an initiative launched for the first time by the Obama-Biden Administration to expand access to federal pell subsidies for imprisoned people registered in participating programs. The Expansion will bring the total number of schools capable of participating in the Pell Experiment of the second chance to 200. The department is also announcing changes in policies to help imprisoned people with breeding loans, including the statement that imprisoned people qualify For a "new beginning", which returns borrowers with predetermined loans to reimburse in good position and allows them to access programs such as Pell Second Chance Experiment. The department will also allow imprisoned persons to consolidate their loans to help them leave for a long -term default.

    u.s. The Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, and the deputy general director, Amy Solomon, will recognize today's ads visiting DC Central Kitchen in Washington D.C., where they will have a conversation with previously imprisoned people who participated in education while they were imprisoned.

    . "The Expansion of Second Chance Pell and these new roads out of default value are critical steps so that imprisoned people can access educational opportunities that will provide second opportunities to build a future."

    The second chance Experiment Pell was first established in 2015 by the Obama-Biden Administration to provide pell subsidies to imprisoned individuals to allow them to participate in post-secondary education programs. To date, students have won more than 7,000 credentials, developing new skills and improving their probabilities of success through the initiative. Today's announcement of the Expansion of 73 sites will mean that up to 200 programs will be able /P>

    Colleges and universities selected will be associated with federal and state criminal institutions in almost 50 states to register thousands of students imprisoned in educational and training programs. The vast majority of selected schools are public institutions of two and four years. Twenty -four of the newly selected educational institutions are HBCU and institutions that serve minorities. Selected schools can begin access to Pell subsidies in early July 1, 2022. Breach in borrowers when the student loan stops the loan. Purposes will also help the most imprisoned people access the Pell Experiment of the second chance. Previously, imprisoned people interested in registering in the second opportunity of the Pell Experiment had twice as probabilities that the broadest population of being rejected because they had breeding loans. In addition to ensuring that imprisoned people benefit from the "new beginning", the

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