Teaching Assistants, Postdoctoral Fellows and Academic and Student Researchers of the entire University of California, which total about 48,000, on 10 campus, presented a massive protest of one day on Tuesday, urging administrators to see them and treat them as essential academic workers.

Each group of workers (TA, postdocs, academic researchers and, from last year, research assistants) is affiliated with united car workers, in different negotiation units governed by different union contracts. But as everyone is currently in negotiations for their respective contracts and share concern problems, they have requested a coordinated negotiating table from the system. (Research students are negotiating their first contract, after the recognition of the system after their strike authorization vote in December).

The system has not yet granted the application for coordinated collective bargaining on common problems in all workplaces, and that is part of what was the action on Tuesday. But the protests and demonstrations that cover the 10 UC campuses and the National Lawrence Berkeley laboratory were also trying to amplify the key contract problems.

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