Saint Vincent College, in Pennsylvania, announced a new policy for speakers in events sponsored by the University after a speech last week was called racist by many who heard him.

Reverend Paul Taylor, president of College, announced the new policy in a statement on Tuesday. He said that the University would have "a formal speaker policy for all public presentations sponsored by the University. The members of the President and the Cabinet will approve all the sponsored speakers to ensure that the message to be delivered is not in conflict with the spirit and The mission of the university ".

The speech was by David Azerrad, an assistant professor of Hillsdale College, a private liberal arts institution in Michigan (although he teaches in Washington, D.C.), and is published on YouTube. At the beginning of the speech, Azerrad said that Kamala Harris is vice president just because her father is from Jamaica.

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  • taylor swift fans desperately search Nyu start ticket Basic principles ... With reason, many in our community, particularly our students, were deeply upset by these observations. I affirmed the declaration of April 10 of Dr. Gary Quinlivan, dean of the McKenna School, who denounced this conference. I also denounced This conference and regret that this happened in San Vicente. The principles of academic and academic academic rigor and reasoned analysis are treasure The truth in our classrooms, and in our campus. However, our community will not allow the platform of our university to be used to promote an opposite message to our to mission ".

    Quinlivan, dean of the McKenna Business School, said in his statement, "Santo Vincent does not support the promulgation of any point of view that can be interpreted as a form of invidious discrimination that inherently degrade the holiness of the holiness of Human life. We are an institution that has served our community for more than 175 years and, at that time, we know that the country has struggled to overcome systemic fanaticism against many people. Although we have seen much success in this regard through Of the serious prayers and efforts of many people of all races, religions and funds, we know that the evolution of the human race to one point.

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