Throughout its modern history, the Association of Public Universities and Land Concession (previously known as the National Association of State Universities and Subsidies) has been directed by the former presidents of the main insignia and grant universities , the last three of the institutions at the great conference of ten ten.

The insignia orientation was not an accident: Aplu, unlike its sister organization, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, whose members include comprehensive public universities and focused on universities concentrated as much in teaching In relation to research, it has historically emphasized issues such as scientific policy, international education and research financing.

That the trend began to change in recent years, as M. Peter McPherson, who has led the Association since 2006, read the political tea leaves and encouraged its members to pay more attention to the Success of students through initiatives to such initiatives as boosted by publics.

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    but the turn It is unmistakable with the new president, the association announced on Thursday: Mark P. Becker, president of Georgia State University since 2009 until his retirement a year ago. It is not that the State of Georgia does not pay attention to the research under Becker; Its federal research funding increased 150 percent from the prosecutor 2010 to 2022. He himself was a public health researcher funded by the federal government, and Becker even has administrative periods on two major universities in his CV, so from That way reviews the Aplu box.

    but Georgia State is better known, by far, for its intense emphasis on (and comparative success in) promoting its 50,000 students to complete their education, which increases its graduation rate at 23 percentage points For a decade and eliminating gaps among students from different racial and socioeconomic origins that prevail throughout higher education. Almost, a conference session occurs or an important news article is published about strategies to improve the results of students who do not have the state of Georgia.

    "I am very committed to make sure we offer opportunities for education and help. Students of all backgrounds are successful," Becker said in an interview on Thursday. "Everyone must have a level game field." googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    Ted Mitchell, president of the American Council of Education, worked with Becker when Georgia's state's president led his board in 2018-19. He said Becker was the ideal person to continue and intensify Aplu's recent work on the success of the students, which he accredited McPherson with instigation.

    "Mark almost uniquely brings to work the prospect of a campus leader who achieved the campus. Level change around student success problems," said Mitchell. "This is putting an exclamation point in the energy of Peter McPherson and Aplu around those problems."

    Rebecca in White, President of the University of Wisconsin in Madison and president of the Aplu Board, he described Becker as the candidate who had "most of all": the approach in the accessibility of ED superior , Yes, but also the research chops and experience operate "in a contentious legislative environment".

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    "Aplu is more than anything else, an organization Defense Based on D.C., "Blank said. "Mark brings a lot of political experience to work."

    Becker said directing the cousin

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