An American Association of University Research Teachers on why and how the Professor of the University of Linfield, Daniel Polteck-Pelzner, discovered that he was fired in the "context of eroding shared governance, who has committed the exercise of The academic Freedom of the faculty and contributed to a culture of abuse. "

" The General Conditions for Academic Freedom and Shared Governance at the University of Linfield are deplorable, "says the new AAUP report on your investigation. The document will guide the Academic Freedom and Academic Trend Commission as it decides whether to recommend the administration of censorship of Linfield for alleged violations of the Faculty Rights at the meeting of the Committee in June.

The AAUP management council will vote on any recommendation. For censorship at the Council's own meeting later that month.

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    "The Faculty Manual incorporates all our set of regulations Recommended institutional, including those of due academic process for dismissal, "SC

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