Lyon College, a small private institution in Arkansas with a little less than 700 student enrollment, plans to open professional schools for veterinary science and dentistry as soon as 2024.

The plans are ambitious to A college of modest size and wealth, and its leaders recognize that they did not make the decision lightly. They say that Arkansas desperately needs professional schools and is losing students, including educated college students in Lyon, medical and veterinary schools out of state. A private capital group has enlisted to help finance the two initiatives.

"We knew that our programs work," said Melissa Taverner, president of Lyon, said about the Academic Offers of the University, observing the high rate of acceptance of Lyon Alumni in medical schools (it was accepted. 87 percent of its graduates who applied to the School of Medicine in the last 10 years) and its high level of employment or postgraduate school registration (95 percent were used or in the graduate school within six months of graduation) "The other part of the equation was 'What are the needs?'"

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    The state of Arkansas needs veterinarians and dentists. It is 49 in the country in the Vet Index to the population and 51 in access to dental medical care, in accordance with the announcement of the College on its plans. The veterinarians and dentists who currently work in the State are beginning to retire, Taverner said, and there are no obvious sources of replacements: "It's a lot of pipe."

    According to the Arkansas Department of Health, eight of the 75 counties in the State did not have registered veterinarians and another 10 years only had one by 2020, the most recent year for which data is available. Ten counties had nine or less dental professionals on all, including dentists, assistants and hygienists; The total number of dental professionals fell by 3.5 percent that year.

    There are no veterinary schools or dental schools in Arkansas, and residents who wish to study or specialize in these fields have to leave the State, a Rentend State System officials recognize and want to decrease the speed. On its website for its undergraduate universities, the University of Arkansas has pages listed by the nearest dental schools in the six states that share their borders and links with financial aid out of state for graduates who wish to go to veterinary school. The School of Medical Sciences of the University offers dental education and dental hygiene, but not a dental school. The Undergraduate University offers a combined academic and dental bachelor's degree and a dental degree program and a preval program that meets the requirements for a dental school request. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    Officials from the University of Arkansas did not return Multiple calls and emails requesting comments on Lyon College's plans.

    Arkansas State University in Jonesboro announced in 2020 that he was exploring a public-private association with Adthalem Global Education to open a veterinary school. The spokesman for the University, Bill Smith, recently told the Democratic Gazette of Arkansas that those discussions "are ongoing" and that "his representatives of him were in Jonesboro last week."

    Lyon announcement, Smith added, "" has no impact on our plans. "

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