Future students and their parents can find a wide range of free useful information about colleges and universities to help them decide which institutions could be the best option. But there is no resource to evaluate the welcome to the cozy university for students from various religious origins.

That is about to change. A group of researchers from the Ohio State University and the North Carolina State University has created a tool called the Indequency, Spiritual, Religious and Secular Climate Index of the Campus, or inspires, notote the institutions of higher education at their levels of religious diversity and inclusion.

Officials In 185 public, private and affiliated affiliated affiliated institutions completed the extensive surveys on the resources related to faith on campus, religious housing policies and more. The researchers analyzed the responses and scored institutions based on seven criteria, including religious accommodation, efforts to reduce bias and extracurricular and academic commitment. Campus leaders are established to receive reports from the results and personalized recommendations of researchers at the beginning of next month. Then, institutions can choose whether to do public information as a resource for students and parents, in which case it will appear on the index website, or to maintain private scores and use them as an opportunity for introspection.

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    "Our goal is to help campuses to be more welcoming, but ultimately, this effort is destined to serve students and support their prosperous at college," he said in An email to Alyssa Rockenbach, Alumni Distinguished Graduated Professor and Professor of Higher Education in the State of North Carolina, said in an email.

    Matthew Mayhew, The William Ray and Marie Adamson Freesher Educational Administration Professor at Ohio State, SA ID To "embrace all the student", instructors and administrators need a firm understanding of how the campuses serve A Students from different belief systems, but so far, they did not have a practical tool to measure this.

    "It feels so well to pour our energy into something that is going to really use," she said. "We are not going to publish things in these empirical and dark magazines that nobody reads, this is something we really feel will improve the lives of the people we intend to use it." googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    Cody Nielsen, director of the Center for Spirituality and Social Justice at Dickinson College, called the "revolutionary" index. He is also the founder and executive director of convergence strategies, who seek to improve the climate of the campus in religion.

    He pointed out that the campuses could have programming related to interreligious dialogue, but many university leaders do not question how it is politics and practices affect students from various origins of faith. He believes that the "central themes of civil rights" related to the religious identities of students too often become unionized, and the index allows institutions to stay responsible.

    "We are not taking religious, secular and spiritual identities. From our students seriously on college campuses throughout the country," he said. "This index, if done well and if your results are well shown, you have the ability to make a conversation no longer negative."

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