The University President of Paul Quinn, Michael Sorrell, made a surprising announcement at a recent event to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the University: The leaders of the Dallas Private Institution are considering creating a satellite campus in California, with hope to add more campus in the future.

The campus would be the first university or university historically four years in California. The State is the home of a historically black graduate private institution, the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles County, but does not have an HBCO option for college students. Most HBCUS are concentrated in the south.

Paul Quinn administrators are establishing a committee to explore the idea and are considering locations in the San Francisco Bay area. Like the main campus of Paul Quinn, the new campus would be an urban labor school, where residential students must do paid internships, whether inside or outside campus, which reduces their education costs. Sorlell noted that about 80 percent of students in Paul Quinn receive grants Peel, federal financial assistance for low-income students.

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    "We have all the intention of building a national network ... Network or System of Urban Work Schools, and that has always been our intention," Sorrell said.

    He pointed out that private institutions of higher education rarely create this type of networks, but expects students in other parts of the country that would benefit from Paul Quinn's model.

    "Urban America America is not being good for higher education," Sorrell said. "You have community colleges, who are doing wonderful jobs in their communities, but there is a need for more. What we have shown with our model is that it works with the urban population, it works with Peel Grant students, it works with first-generation students . Our intensive, practical method of speaking with Multiple areas of intellectual and emotional development development. " googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    Paul Quinn is not the only HBCU causing the movements rame and create new campuses.

    Morgan State University obtained approval earlier this month to buy a 59-acre property, a mile away from the university. Main campus in East Baltimore, formerly the site of Lake Clifton High School. University leaders are developing a master plan for the satellite campus, a process is expected to take approximately one year, and then plan to build the new site for the next 15 to 20 years, according to a press release from the institution. It is expected that the new campus has at least $ 200 million and will have a multipurpose academic event building, graduates and undergraduate in student housing, incubation centers for increasing companies that started students and natural trails. (Note: This paragraph was updated to clarify the number of acres owned by Morgan State University purchased).

    The Northern Virginia Regional Commission, which represents 13 local governments, also advocates a regional HBCU campus in the area. The members of the Commission have been discussing the possibility of a joint campus of Northern Virginia, led by the State University of Norfolk and the State University of Virginia, both the HBCU, according to Cydny Neville, President of the Commission and a student of the State of Virginia. The Commission created a committee to provide university leaders with information on local demographics and economic development opportunities to help them decide how to move forward with the idea. The nearest HBCU in the Virginia community is the University University of Virginia in Richmond, which is several hours away.


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