A coalition of state and national civil rights organizations launched a campaign on Wednesday to counteract Virginia's attempt to prohibit the teaching of what Governor Glenn Youngkin marked "inherently divisive concepts", including the history of blacks, racism and oppression in the United States. .

The NaACP of Virginia joined the National NaACP, the Education Fund of the Leadership Conference and People for the American Form in condemning Youngkin's recent actions, in particular its establishment of a "line Starting "so that parents denounce teachers in public K -12 schools that teach what the governor repeatedly describes as" critical theory of race ". The members of the coalition believe that despite being aimed at primary schools, measures will also result in negative consequences for universities and universities.

"The winner of the American history is antithetic to US values ​​and what we teach our students at school," said Wade Henderson, president and CEO of the Leadership Conference, said during a call of Means announcing the campaign. "Our role is to help build an America as good as our ideals, and we do it, carefully and not erase, the truth of those who are as a people and how we become a story of great celebration. The American democracy is still a job in progress. We are perfecting to become the highest representation of our values ​​that we can. "

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    Although the objective of the Order of Virginia is primary education and high school, Amy Tillerson-Brown, president of the Education of Virginia Naacp and president of the History Department of Mary Baldwin University, in Staunton, Va., He said that The effect on university programs, faculty and students is obvious: students come to college without knowing the black story that should have already learned.

    Wes Bellamy, who is a chair of the Department of Political Science of the Virginia State University and also participates in the campaign, said that the higher leaders also have the responsibility to stop you. The efforts of Gkin.

    "When we talk to our students about what is not being taught and how that is allowed ... through politics, that is the unusual piece ... we have to make sure we continue talking , " he said. "So that we can be able to address this policy, we have to be vocal, we have to be educated and we have to be empowered." googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    The Youngkin press office responded to a consultation about the efforts of the coalition by referring to a previous comment of the Governor: "We must teach our entire history, we can not know where we are going unless we know where they come from. And We can teach all our history, good children and bad children, and the children of Virginia will be better for it. So that we can do both and I hope to continue delivering to parents, for students, for teachers, for schools, together , as we propose expectations of excellence in Virginia in our schools and teach our children how to think, not what to think. "\ Establish the critical theory of race on campus. The students said they expected the governor to intercede and finish the alleged teaching of divisive concepts.

    To illustrate what is in danger of being erased from the state school curriculum when the story is not taught accurately, or overlooked, Tillerson-BR

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