Secretary DeVos Expands Earn and Learn Opportunities for Students at 190 Schools through Federal Work-Study Reform Initiative

DeVos Secretary expands Earn and Learn opportunities for students in 190 schools across Reform Initiative Federal Study February 19, 2020 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, press @
  • WASHINGTON - secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced today the creation of a new initiative that allows more students to gain experience in working with employers in their field of study as part of its program of Federal work-study (FWS). The initiative, known as experimental site, FWS expands opportunities for students from 190 institutions. renunciations

    institutions participating in the pilot site will be awarded, which encourages them to expand the use of FWS funds to support more students working in the private sector and for the first time, allow them to low-income students pay for work experience required for academic programs, such as student teaching and clinical rotations.

    "We know that early, significant work experience can be an important step toward students who get good jobs and have successful careers," said Secretary of DeVos. "For a long time, Federal Study has put artificial barriers between education and industry and private students to acquire useful experience in their field of study. Instead of working queue bedroom cafeteria, students-particularly low-income students-will be able to 'earn and learn' so that the will for future success. " Additional

    This experiment also provides employment Development Program (JLD) Location and funds to participating institutions and extends the permitted uses of those funds, including allow institutions to intermediaries third contract to help build partnerships with Business. These employment development activities can be used to benefit students regardless of whether they participate in FWS.

    During the award year 2016-2017, more than 3,000 colleges and universities provided more than 600,000 students opportunities FWS, but less than a -tenth of one percent supported outside employment campus with employers in the private sector. Current regulations also require that employers in the private sector, including small businesses, to pay a greater share of wages employment or non-profit organizations on campus, more obstacles against relevant work experience.

    This experimental site is designed to assess whether students are better served when they are paid for learning based on work and are allowed access to employment outside the FWS campus aligned with its program as measured by student retention, completion and better job opportunities after graduation. The experiment will provide important data to inform future policy proposals on the reform federal work-study.

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