The salaries of the full-time faculty increased by 2 percent this academic year last, according to the annual compensation data of the faculty gathered by the American Association of University Teachers. This is one of the smallest increases year after year, the AAUP has registered, as it began to track the measure in 1972, and that is before the factoring in this year's inflation.

adjusted for inflation, the average real salaries decreased 5 percent year over year, which represents the greatest decrease in real-salary growth since 1979-80, according to the AAUP. The consumer price index for all urban consumers, or CPI-U, increased by 7 percent by 2021 and 12.5 percent in 1979, said the AAUP in a preliminary analysis of its data.

Association plans to free a lot of more detailed analysis of your full-time skill salary and part-time survey data at the end of this year, in the form of its "Annual Economic State Report of the profession ". Glenn Colby, Senior Research Office in AAUP, said the next report will be formed by the contributions of the experts in financing the economy and higher education of the AAUP economy, and will interpret the results of the survey this year " In the context of the current economy of the United States. Inflation is hitting the top 40 years, and the annual report will discuss the key areas to see rebound colleges and universities of the Covid-19 pandemic ".

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    The This year's data survey ended last month, and the AAUP wanted to release verified institutional level data without delay, since institutions are currently planning institutions. Your budgets for next year and rely on the annual survey for comparative evaluation purposes. Some 900 US universities and universities UU We share with the employment data of AAUP for about 370,000 full-time faculty and 90,000 part-time, as well as major administrators in about 500 institutions.

    Participating institutions are relatively representative of the American Higher Education Landscape, in 280 best research universities, 320 regional universities, 160 liberal arts colleges, 100 community universities and 170 minority service institutions.

    Average payment

    In all types of institutions, full teachers made $ 143,823 this year, on average. The associates made $ 97,724, and the attendees made $ 85,063. The instructors made $ 62,874, and the teachers made $ 69,499. Doctorate institutions, especially private, independent, tended to pay more than these averages. (AAUP does not analyze the teacher's assets by field, unlike some other data sources). googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    Continuing a long-term trend, fewer teachers were paid than male teachers, on average. Through the types of institutions, women in Full Professor Rank make $ 131,028 this year, on average, while full male teachers made $ 150,596. This discrepancy exists at the level of an assistant Professor of early career, with male assistant Professors who earn $ 89,533 and women who earn $ 81,181. And, as usual, teachers who work in New England, the average Atlantic and the Pacific coast made more of their colleagues who work in other parts of the country.

    The average payment per course by attachments is between approximately $ 5,000 and $ 3,000, depending on the type of institution. The lowest payment per year recorded in an institutional level appendix is ​​$ 372, for a sub-rolled class; According to the AAUP, some institutions reported that they offered reduced attachments in payment to teach a subprological course instead of canceling it. About 64 percent of the institutions that reported the attached compensation data said they contribute anything to these retirement benefits from part-time instructors. The rate was similar for institutional contributions to ADJ.


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