Kindred Murillo, Acting Superintendent / President in Santa Barbara City College, came out of retirement in autumn 2021 to help stabilize the institution with problems. Murillo, who previously directed the District of the community of Lake Tahoe Community and Southwestern College, is the fourth person to occupy paper in the last three years.

The last president of the University, Utpal K. Goswami, resigned after less than two years in the position. The predecessor of him, Anthony Beebe, was unexpectedly due to health problems in 2019 after serving for three years. Helen Benjamin, former chancellor of the University District of Costa Community, intervened as president and interim superintendent twice after the departures of Beebe and Goswami, Santa Barbara Independent reported. The school has not had a president who stays more than four years since 2008.

For Murillo and other presidents of the California community in similar situations, passing after the outputs of several leaders have meant to bring consistency and records to institutions that are in several flow states. That could mean the implementation of strategic plans that have had Multiple positions and stops, supervising careless recruitment processes, or correcting the misaligned budgets.

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    "I think the systems leave If you are attached and have stopped, and if you are not planning for the future, then basically becomes stagnant and then you are not really focused on doing it really great work, "said Murillo of his experience. "And I think it became a level of internal division, which is what we are trying to cure at this time."

    Leaders in the Community Schools System of California say that this continuous leadership rotation is a big problem, and the pandemic has only exacerbated it.

    The demands of the president's work and the emotional number of the pandemic have led to exhaustion and provoked anticipated retirements through superior ed, even in California. At least 17 of 137 community college leaders from California have retired between January 20, 2020 and March 2022, said Larry Galizio, president and CEO of California College League community, an association of 73 districts of the public community of The local community. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    A 2020 study of the Association also found that the average student of a Community university chancellor, the Superintendent or President in the system fell 5.1 years in the last decade, from an average of 6.9 years from 2000 to 2010. Those leaders. , 46.1 percent was withdrawn or died during the mandate of it, 21 percent was seen or left for other reasons, and 31.1 percent took another position.

    Keith Curry, who has been President and CEO of Compton College for 12 years, said that some university presidents of the community are questioning whether the strains of work are "worth" in the midst of a crisis Public health and decreased registration. He also believes that the presidents who are people of color, like him, have felt an extra pressure to address the equity gaps and diversify the ranks of the faculty and the staff after the national racial calculation that followed the death of the George police Floyd

    Curry said is easy to "balance of work life" fall along the way when presidents balance so many responsibilities.

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