Efforts for diversity, equity and inclusion are again under attack in Virginia Military Institute. The last skirmish comes months after the president of the Military College publicly rebuked a student to claim in an interview that Dei de Vmi's efforts were, in fact, an effort to establish the critical theory of race on campus.

VMI has denied that critical theory of the race is part of its curriculum. Do not become, the former open students are now circulating a petition by asking the Virginia Attorney General to examine the matter. While the petition recognizes that "a formal course is not being offered in CRT in the VMI curriculum," he also affirms "the elements of that theory are being touched on the fabric, harming the VMI experience."

The theory of critical race, an occult academic concept, once, has become a fashion word for conservatives who claim that students are being deceived about American history, especially with respect to Race relationships, as part of a liberal stratagem. Now, some VMI students expect Governor Glenn Youngkin, who seized CRT in the Governoral elections of Virginia, will intercede to end the divisive concepts they claim are being taught at VMI.

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    Efforts The DEIs in VMI come in the midst of a change in leadership. The Public Military University recently appointed its first Black President, the Superintendent Cedric T. WINS, who was hired in 2021 after the previous superintendent resigned in accusations that racism and sexism flourished in his watch.

    Now the task of correcting the ship is responsible for less than a year after an external report discovered that "institutional racism and sexism are present, tolerated and leave them not protected in VMI."

    DEE work on VMI

    The first shots in CRT were publicly dismissed in January, when 1976 Graduate Carmen Villani Jr. said in a radio interview that he has adequately defended VMI In the midst of the allegations of racism and sexism, the findings that Villani has turned off. Villani also affirmed that CRT had "admitted to the Kingdom of VMI" and asked its state funding to improve diversity efforts in college. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article");););

    Villani did not respond to the requests of the interview: then or now, from within Ed. She acted quickly in the implementation of policies aligned with CRT, which I think are harmful to the VMI experience. I request that it act with a sense of urgency by making its own determination about whether CRT has found its forms in VMI or not ".

    The separated anti-CRT request hits a similar tone, asking Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares to stop the work of Dei on the course of VMI awaiting an investigation to determine if CRT is taught.

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    A spokesperson for the campus denyed drastically by email that is taught CRT at the University, which is located in the Virginia Mountains and has a long history linked to the Confederation.

    "It is important to keep in mind that Mr. Villani is a Texas resident That he has not been in VMI in years, "he wrote Bill Wyatt of the VMI spokesman." He has little understanding of what he really continues here and has his own definition of CRT that is informed by a particular political philosophy. The 'CRT' referred to in Mr. Villani is a very basic diversity training designed

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