An Associate Professor of English at the University of Two-year from the University of the State of Georgia, is no longer teaching this term in person after she called the campus police to his classroom to eliminate two students who arrived Late and refused to leave.

The two students, who have only been publicly identified by their names, are black, just like the teacher. Internally and in public statements, Georgia State has condemned the idea of ​​calling the Campus Police to the students to be late for the class.

Much of the public criticism of the teacher, Carissa Gray, meanwhile, has focused on the fact. That she called the campus police in black students, in particular, in this era of greater awareness of racial dynamics in surveillance.

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    gray He did not respond to an interview request and has not publicly commented on the case. She will continue to teach an asynchronous online class this term, but her teaching rights in person will be assumed by another person, according to the information of the university. Georgia state plans about advisory preparation available this week to students in the class in question.

    "The Head of the Provive and Police has come to meet with the affected students. The teacher is no longer teaching classes in person this semester," said Georgia State in a statement on Friday. "The campus police arrived after being called by the faculty member and deactivated the situation between the students and the faculty member, clearly, no crime had been committed, so there were no arrests."

    In an email to faculty members, Nicolle Parsons-Pollard, provisional provision of Georgia State, said the Student Conduct Code from the University prohibits the disturbing behavior. , but that "the police should only be called if the disruptive behavior poses an immediate threat to the safety of the instructor, the student or any other student or people." googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    Parsons-Pollard also advised the faculty members who review the university's published guidance on the interruption in the learning environment. This document tells the instructors to inform students or students in issues that are being disruptive and ask them to stop. "If there is no immediate safety concern and the student cease the interruption, the student can remain at that class session and the instructor presents a reference of" worry student "online as soon as possible after the class session" , says the guide.

    If a student does not cease the interruption, but there is no immediate safety concern and the incident "can be reasonably administered by the instructor," the guide continues, the student can remain in the class session (After the teacher must file a reference).

    When there is a safety concern, or when "the level of continuous interruption can not be reasonably administered by the instructor, ask the student to leave the classroom", Georgia the State says. "If the student does not meet the address to leave the classroom, or if the student meets, but immediate concern for security continues even after the student comes out of the classroom, contact the GSU police."

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    The Student Code of Conduct Defines the interruption in this way: "Interrupt, prevent or obstruct teaching, instruction, research, disciplinary, public service, administration or other university.

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