When a joint committee of the state legislature spent more than seven hours Tuesday, punishing members of the Board of Trustee of the University of South Carolina, its main objective was the Multiple attempts to hire a permanent university president . However, also at the top of the list of complaints of the legislators, however, it was a questionable expense by university managers to cover a contract purchase of a football coach fired, and the potential to do the same for a coach Basketball recently fired.

Legislators of the legislators were promoted a loan of $ 10 million, with the approval of the Board, by the University to the Athletics Department. The loan was made in 2020, during the pandemic, which closed the athletic events and cost the institution and the department of millions in lost income. The money was necessary to cover a global sum payment of $ 12.9 million to end the Muschamp's contract, the football coach shot before the end of the 2019 season, with four remaining years in the contract. The University is now also responsible for a $ 3 million purchase for Basketball coach Frank Martin, who was dismissed at the beginning of March with two remaining years in an extension of contract that he had signed only one year earlier.

With billions of dollars flowing to the main universities annually for large university sports, the subsidies of the main budgets of the institutions are increasingly considered unnecessary and unreasonable by the students, the members of the Faculty, former students and donors, especially at a time when enrollment are increasing and revenues are falling as registration decreases nationally.

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    Andy Schwarz, an economist who specializes in the legal and financial aspects of the University Sports, said what seems to be happening at the South Carolina Public University Public ", a kind of sounds like the Athletic Department of Run-of the-Mill".

    "Usually, he does not see him discuss at the state house level," Schwarz said.

    South Carolina legislators harshly criticized the University Board for allowing strong payment and not to provide more spending supervision. The legislators ended up the legislative session without offering endorsement of once-routine for five of the 21 trustees in re-election. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article");)

    "We do not control the president, but we control the board, and I think what we are sending is a Message that we are going to spend a little more time on how the Board acts and reacts ", representative of the members of the Kirkman Finlay committee told the state newspaper.

    Trustee Board Athletic Department officials did not respond to several requests for comments, and electronic calls and emails to the team offices of the Joint Committee were not returned immediately.

    While now it is a common place for universities and universities that spend in the athletics and sports departments, such as football and basketball, which are ostensibly designed to be self-sufficient through Sales of tickets and suites, transmitted income and fundraiser. It is quite rare for university leaders, and especially legislators, holding public institutions responsible for these expenses, said Charles Clotfelter, professor of economics at the University of Duke and Large Sports Author at American Universities (Cambr Idge University Press, 2011) .

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