Howard University announced last week that will channel $ 785 million in a new construction and renovations in the next four years, a record investment in capital projects for the historic Black University.

The slate again Construction includes a complex for college stem programs and an academic building that will house the School of Fine Arts of Chadwick Boseman, as well as the Communications School of Cathy Hughes. An existing building will be renewed to house the school of education and a factory middle school, a plan that has some historical meaning, said Wayne Frederick, president of Howard. Black teachers in Washington, D.C., were trained in that building during segregation.

The University will also put a new health science complex that will include the School of Medicine and Dental School, the Nursing School and other health programs. It will be attached to a new hospital, which will cost $ 615 million additional, said Frederick.

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    "This is a moment of basin in the history of our institution," Frederick said in a statement. "Due to the tremendously improved financial posture, we have worked so hard to achieve, the state of the university has never been stronger."

    Howard milestone investment is remarkable for any university or university, said Pete Zuraw, Vice President of the Market Strategy for Gordian, a company of facilities and construction data. Save for some of the country's richest institutions, most HOWARD size universities, the institution enrolls around 7,800 university students, can not afford such investments into construction. This investment is even more rare between HBCUS, many of which can not afford to repair existing facilities, much less place new buildings, Zuraw said.

    Frederick said the university plans to break the ground in the first project. Year and that he expects all new construction has ended by 2026. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("DFP-AD-Article_in_Article"););

    To finance the projects, Howard recently issued a bonus for $ 300 million, Frederick said. The University will also receive $ 200 million through the HBCO capital financing program, a federal initiative that aims to provide HBCUS funding for the repair, renovation and construction of campus facilities. Another $ 145 million will come from the earnings in leased properties, and the university has just launched a fundraising effort to raise the remaining $ 140 million, a goal that Frederick anticipates that the university will surpass.

    New investment plans in particular do not include money for repairs to student housing. Student protesters harshly criticized Howard's administration, the last fall for deficient housing, occupying the Blackburn Student Center for a month and the lawsuit for university leaders, including the lofty discovered in some residences of the campus.

    But housing Renovations are not as pressed as other infrastructure needs, Frederick said. The HOWARD student housing infrastructure is relatively new, 90 percent of student residences are five years old or younger, he said.

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    "We believe that those buildings are still in very good Conditions, "he said. "We have, in our master campus plan, the intention to bring more rooms to the camp.

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