Around three of 10 female members and staff members say they have gone through a promotion or another opportunity for progress at work due to its gender. This is compared to 11 percent of male workers, according to a new Gallup survey of about 10,500 US academics. UU in institutions of two and four years.

About 33 percent of Hispanic women and 30 percent of Asian women surveyed said they had gone professionally due to their gender, compared to 28 percent of white women (and the 28 percent of women Everywhere). Black women were the least likely group of the group of workers to say they had lost in a professional opportunity or progress due to its gender, 24 percent; Gallup attributes this more to a problem of sample size than any major challenge, what is known about how gender find out and the race in the workplace.

The last time Gallup asked this question from women workers in general, in 2013, about 15 15 percentage of respondents said they had passed professionally because of their gender. That is a much younger part of women than in the academic sample.

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