U.S. The Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, calls on States, districts, higher institutions to address the scarcity of teachers at the national level and strengthen student recovery with US rescue plan funds March 28, 2022 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, Press @ ed .gov
  • Today, the Secretary of Education of the USA UU. Miguel Cardona will issue a national call to action for States, leaders of higher education and schools to take advantage of federal resources and work together To address the shortage of teachers and help the recovery of students. Today's announcement is based on the call of the President Biden in the state of the Union encouraging leaders to use US rescue plan funds to address these critical challenges and districts throughout the country. The call to action coincides with the participation of the Cardona Secretary at the Carnegie Foundation for the progress of the Summit of Education on the improvement of education in San Diego.

    "I have always known that a well prepared, well supported, well -competes, and diverse educating workforce is the basis for the success of students. Vacancies of educators and other shortages of personnel represent a true Challenge As our schools work to recover, falling harder from color students, students in rural communities, low-income background students, students with disabilities and multilingual learners. That's why I'm proud that the American rescue plan There are states equipped, school districts and colleges and universities that prepare our educators with unprecedented financial resources to help overcome this challenge, "said the Cardona Secretary. "Today, I am calling States, districts and higher education institutions to use ARP funds to address the shortage of teachers and increase the number of candidates for the teacher prepared to enter the teaching profession. My team will continue to advise the State and local leaders. How can you take advantage of this moment; put Covid relief dollars to work in our schools; and achieve a lasting and equitable recovery for our students. "

    To coincide with the call to the action of the secretary, the department released a fact sheet that provides concrete examples of how states, districts and schools are already occupying the call to use federal covid dollars to strengthen The Pipeline of the Master, get more educators in the classroom and accelerate the recovery of students. Districts and higher education institutions are associated to create and expand residence programs, offer paraprofessional internships, get college students in the classroom more quickly and more. Due to these associations, students across the country spend more time working with qualified educators and addressing the Academic Impact of Covid-19. To see the fact sheet of the Department of Education, click here.

    Cardona Secretary, a former teacher, is calling school and state leaders who work together to level the master's pipe and get more qualified adults in the classroom immediately throughout the country. To accelerate students 'recovery, it is urging States and schools to use the funds provided by the US rescue plan and other FVID-19 federal relief funds to expand educators' preparation programs (EPP) in the Higher education institutions and find dynamics and innovative. Ways to provide practical learning for potential masters or paraprofessionals in a classroom environment.

    In his speech, the Cardona Secretary will issue a call for action with clear deliveries of States, districts and higher education institutions. Using Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF), Relief of Emergency Education (Geer) of the Governor, and Emergency Relief Funds from Elementary and Secondary School (ESSER), these groups can create audacious and innovative roads to the teaching profession.

    A Increase the number of candidates for the teacher prepared to enter the profession in the fall and beyond, the Cardona Secretary is calling the States that are committed

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