The California state lawmakers are threatening to close the University of Calbright, again.

Assemblymember Jose Medina recently presented a bill that permanently obtaining the first school online school in January 2024. This marks the third attempt of state legislators to dismantle college.

The Medina proposal requires Calbright funds to be reallocated to basic needs centers, student housing and more financial aid to the other 115 community colleges, with $ 5 million specifically go to support For students with children. The bill will be presented to the Higher Education Committee of the Assembly, which Medina chairs, at an audience in April, according to the source of ED, which was previously reported on the Medina proposal.

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    Calbright continues offering "limited returns" in The investment of more than $ 140 million from the state to launch the university, plus $ 15 million in ongoing funds, a spokesman for the Medina Office said. That funding would be better spent in "the other 115 community colleges that desperately need resources to maintain and reach a larger student population." "

    Calbright critics say that low enrollment and graduation rates indicate that the university has failed on its mission to serve adult students. The school was launched during the administration of the former Governor Jerry Brown and It was designed to serve adults working with free and self-centering courses and an educational model based on competitions, which allows students who have already dominated relevant skills to move more quickly through their programs..

    Medina's proposal notes that despite receiving tens of millions of state dollars, Calbright only graduated from 70 of the 1,000 students enrolled among its foundation in 2018 and 2021. Googleg.cmd.push (function () Googleg.Display ("DFP-AD-Article_in_Article"););

    Calbright leaders argue that the university has progressed significant since then. The university now has more than 1,010 students enrolled in 518 students in October of 2021, according to a March press release. Calbright has also granted 94 certificates, and administrators expect the end rates to be ascended as registration continues to grow. More than 92 percent of students are over 25 years old, 32 percent is responsible for caring for family members and 80 percent is identified as color students. Forty percent of enrolled students are unemployed, and 31 percent recently lost jobs or have trimmed their work hours.

    "The current and historical tendencies in the California Higher Education Infrastructure show that without the unique and flexible offers of Calbright, these students would be excluded from traditional training and education programs, leaving the State less Equitable, its less effective recovery, and with fewer educational opportunities for residents, "said a spokesman for Calbright in a statement.

    University administrators also blame the rock start of the institution in the pandemic, among other obstacles.

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    "Calbright open for registration only before before Of the Covid-19 pandemic, and increasing inequality and echo. The nomadic difficulties have amplified the urgent need for accreditation programs based on skills such as ours, "said the spokesman. "At a time of surplus of extraordinary budget, the California legislature needs to invest more in innovation

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