The members of the faculty and the students of Connecticut Community Colleges are concerned about a recent vote of the State Regent Board to increase enrollment in institutions by 5 percent. They are consternated particularly at the time of the decision, which comes as many students are still recovering, or even suffering, from the financial fall of the pandemic.

"Nobody wants to raise license plate." He said Ben Barnes, financial director for the colleges and universities of the State of Connecticut. "I prefer to give it free, frankly." "

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    estimates that the increase in tuition could increase up to $ 4 million, which "is useful, but it will not be enough to solve our problems." Registration decreases has been a conduction factor behind a controversial concentration of the 12 Community colleges planned for summer 2023.

    Similar decisions are being made to increase enrollment in Community universities throughout the country ahead of academics 2022-23 year. Some university leaders describe increases as a Defensive movement to avoid future financial problems Provoc Details for pronounced registration, budget deficits and increase inflation. Some administrators at the Community University say that the modest annual enrollment increases are a return to normal after a series of freezing from the registration does not feature instituted in response to the pandemic.

    Some members of the faculty and staff argue that the economic slowdown and work the losses caused by the pandemic make even the small increases of enrollment. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

    Anna Torres, Director of Financial Assistance at Manchester Community College in Connecticut, called the increase in "reprehensible" enrollment in a letter addressed to the State Government Board in February.

    She pointed out that community universities serve "the largest populations of black and brown students, the largest populations of students from working class families" and "students who are less likely can pay an increase in the Registration during the economic crisis we are living. "

    Jamie Czikowsky, a student at Tunxis Community College, told the Board at a February meeting that students must choose between "pay for their education or put food at the table, pay for their care for children, or other basic needs that the additional $ 224 have provided. "

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    "For my conversations with the students, these walks will result directly in a decrease of more registration," he added.

    Some community college leaders are making efforts to explain students why tuition increases are needed and seek to participate in discussions about it.

    Andrew Bowne, President of Johnson County Community College in Kansas, said the administrators presented a presentation to the presentation.

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