• Jill M. Baren, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at the University of Sciences, in Pennsylvania, has been elected as President of Lake Forest College, in Illinois.
  • Hubert Benitez, vice president for strategic initiatives and academic innovation at the University of Rockhurst, in Missouri, has been appointed president of American International College, in Massachusetts.
  • Ilana R. Lane, Evaluation and Learning Director at Mecaille College, in New York, has been selected as Vice President of Academic Affairs at the University of the Sagrada Familia, in Pennsylvania.
  • Scott Leshinskie, Vice-Rector of Executives and Provost In the District of the County Community of Maricopa, in Arizona, has been appointed President of Scottsdale Community College, part of the district of Maricapa.
  • Rupendra Paliwal, former Provisional and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Sacred Heart University, in Connecticut, has been appointed Provost Officer and Academic Director at Bryant University, in Rhode Island.
  • Melissa Taverner, interim president of Lyon College, in Arkansas, has been appointed to work permanently.
  • Carol Traupman-Carr, Vice Provost at the University of Moravia, in Pennsylvania, has been promoted to the provocation and dean of the faculty there.
  • Roger J. Ward, Provost Prevost and Dean Interin from the Graduate School at the University of Maryland Baltimore, has been named Provost, executive vice president and Dean of the graduate school permanently.
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    An Off-Brand Hire

    A newly hired administrator in Morehouse College has caused divisions and debate among alumni on who can represent the institution. Some students and

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