LaGuardia Community College in Queens, N. and, is creating a credit office for prior learning and plans to launch an enrollment initiative that will be the first for the New York University system in the city. The new office is dedicated to granting work adults, especially those who return to college, loans for work experience and achievements outside the classroom that will help them get grades in less time.

The Office will supervise a re-registration campaign encouraging any former university student in New York City to enroll in Laguardia. The return students will begin with credits given by their previous work experiences. Under the credits for the successful initiative, students who previously attended a CUNY institution to which they owe should not have to pay those debts. On the other hand, the debts will be paid by the Laguardia Community College Foundation. The Office will be funded by a $ 1 million grant from the Robin Hood Foundation, an organization committed to address poverty in New York City.

Determine how to grant credits for a wide variety of life and work experiences, from military service to self-conditioning, work, is a "case-by-case process, intensively in labor, and You need an office, "said Kenneth Adams, President of LaGuardia Community College. "Our belief in Laguardia was, to do well, we need a dedicated team of experts to facilitate the award of credit for prior learning for these students and obtain them in a soft ripple process, a smooth return to college".

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