Biden-Harris administration partners with Aspen Institute on Latin regional economic summits to connect local members of the Latino community with leaders and federal resources events that were carried out throughout the country, starting at San Antonio and Denver March 21, 2022 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
  • The Biden-Harris administration is being associated with the ASPEN Institute for host forums together in several cities across the country. He entitled The Initiative Blanca Initiative Latino Economic Cumbres, the Regional Forums will Highlight the commitment of the Biden-Harris administration to promote equity and economic empowerment and will connect local members of the Latino community directly with federal leaders and resources. The forums will also present Community leaders, administration officials, local elected officials and leadership of the Aspen Institute.

    "The administration of Biden-Harris continues to defend diversity, since we strive for a more inclusive and prosperous society." Said Secretary of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona. "These summits are part of our commitment to promote equity and opportunities for Latino communities throughout the country. We are delighted to associate with the Aspen Institute on this important basic effort."

    The program begins on March 22 in San Antonio, followed by Denver, on March 26 and will proceed with additional communities through the spring and early summer. Each event will have Multiple and dynamic sessions with the intention of:

  • demonstrates the continued commitment of the administration with the Executive Order of the President to promote racial equity and support for marginalized communities through the federal government
  • Highlight the impact of Biden-Harris administration initiatives, such as the American rescue plan, bipartisan infrastructure law and the COVID-19 response
  • increase the commitment between Latino constituents and administration officials, as well as federal offices and services at the regional level
  • encourages members of the Latin community to request federal hiring, jobs, grants, internships and programs

    celebrated on the campus of the University of Texas San Antonio, the Summit of San Antonio will present comments from the Federal and Local Leaders, as well as the following breaking sessions:

  • President Biden Agenda on Federal Hiring: Equity Creation for Small Companies and Local Commu Nities (presented by the Small Business Administration)
  • Education Execution and development of the workforce (presented by the Department of Education of USA UU)
  • Business Empowerment and Worker Through Community Development (Presented by the US Department UU Housing and Urban Development)
  • Essential workers, essential protections (presented by the Department of Labor of the United States)

    "The success of America is rooted in collective prosperity and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity of Prive," said Dan Porterfield, president and CEO of the Institute Aspen. "The Latino community, which represents almost 19% of our population, is fundamental for the present of the country and its future, and we have the responsibility to build structures that create opportunities for people and families in this critical demographic group."

    The White House Initiative on the advance of educational equity, excellence and the economic opportunity of Hispanics (initiative) was restored EN 2021 by President Joe Biden. The initiative was originally established in 1990 to address the educational disparities faced by the Hispanic community. The scope of the initiative was expanded by President Biden to advance educational equity and the economic opportunity for Latino and Hispanic students, families and communities. The future prosperity of the nation and the world leadership in all industries are intrinsically linked to the success of Hispanic and Latino students, and their success is a priori.

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