A new study at Georgia State University found that college college students who received specific and personal text messages from an artificial intelligence bot, were more likely to complete critical tasks to stay enrolled.

The randomized controlled trial, performed during academic year 2020-21, including some 11,000 students attending Perimeter College, a community college that is part of Georgia State University. Students received personalized text messages, complete with Emojis, on their phones that remind them of the important deadlines in their academic schedules, telling them how to pay pending balances or request financial aid, and direct them to campus services. The CHAT BOL also answered students' questions about campus services and support, financial aid and other topics, drawing in thousands of responses incorporated into common questions.

Administrators say that the findings reveal valuable classes about when and how to deliver effective knotting, a tactic of commitment of students who have been embraced and debated heavily on campuses throughout the country. Hope is that research will help you adjust the ways in which universities use this technology to keep students on their way, especially low-income and first-generation students, since the use of chat bots spreads .

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    If used with moderation and strategic, "the chat bot can trim the communication disorder," said Timothy Renick, Executive Director of the National Institute for Student Success in the State of Georgia. He believes that the academy turns his back by getting rid of, instead of trying "what works and what he does not", would be a "serious mistake".

    Research on the proof of postdoctoral research was carried out Katharine Meyer and Lindsay Page, the Associate Professor of the Education Policy of Annenberg at the Annenberg Institute of Brown University, which focuses on research and the reform of education. Meyer is presenting the findings this morning in the Association for Finance of Education and the Annual Policy Conference.

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    The study also found that Chat Bot reminders successfully encouraged students to seek help to solve problems that could hinder their enrollment. Messages that pushed students with unpaid balances to meet with an Academic Upped advisor visits to advisors for at least 13 percent in the course of a semester. Students who received messages about unpaid balances were 36 percent less likely than their colleagues to fall from rolls due to outstanding debts to college.

    "When ... We are messaging to the students. Defined tasks where the consequences of not handling this task, where we see the most benefit," said the page.

    Renick noted that making students overcome these obstacles can be especially shocking at a university as a perimeter. , a predominantly black institution where around 70 percen

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