Department of Education launches the historical real payments for the initiative of Jobs Real for people with disabilities eligible states to compete for the minimum wage to competitive integrated employment subsidies totaling $ 167 million, March 18, 2022 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
  • Today, the Department of EE. UU of the Administration of Education Rehabilitation Services (RSA) published the notice that invites applications for the subminararian salary to the employment demonstration project Integrated competitive (SWTCI), with the aim of increasing access to people with disabilities to jobs paid good salaries.

    The SWTCIE The project is the largest discretionary donation administered by RSA, with $ 167 million available for state vocational rehabilitation agencies and its partners.

    "Economic security must be available to all Americans," said Secretary of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona. "Providing people with disabilities with a high quality education and services they need to prosper, will result in a real payment for real jobs, empowering them and causing greater social and economic inclusion."

    SWTCIE is a step towards final practices that have allowed some employers to pay less than the federal minimum wage to people with disabilities. The new grant program will sponsor innovative approaches that allow people with disabilities to successfully ensure jobs that work together with their non-disabilities as they obtain the same pay.

    "More than 30 years after the passage of Americans with disabilities law, too many people with disabilities continue denied equal opportunities," said the representative of the United States, Robert C. "Bobby" Scott of Virginia, president of the Education and Work Committee. "The Subsidional Salary for Workers with Disabilities is a relic of a time when people with disabilities were considered that they can not work and lacked federal protections, it is a past time that we help eliminate the minimum wage for people with disabilities and Expand access to work and economic self-sufficiency. We must continue working to make sure that all Americans can succeed and win a fair salary. "

    To help eliminate salary employment at maturity, this competence will grant subsidies to 18 vocational rehabilitation agencies from 18 states and their partners that will do so. Create employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The works will be in areas of critical need, including domestic and community-based services, arts or transportation and related industries. In addition, applicants can submit proposals in other areas that will transition individuals from a salary employment from integrated competitive employment.

    "Some workers with disabilities spend decades winning a subsidial salary without the opportunity to earn new skills or move to a job that pays a higher salary. Today, the Department of Education adopted an important step to end an end To this discriminatory practice, "said the United States, Sen. Bob Casey de Pennsylvania. "Applaud the Cardona Secretary for her leadership and will continue to fight to ensure that all workers with disabilities are paid at least the minimum wage and have the opportunity to succeed in the workplace."

    The SWTCIE project progresses a key biden administration goat -Harris: strengthening the economic security of Americans with disabilities. This financing opportunity aligns existing and emerging employment opportunities with the needs of employers and public infrastructure. In particular, activities will ensure that people with disabilities are gaining a real payment for real jobs.

    The Department Rehabilitation Services Management Website provides additional information about vocational rehabilitation opportunities for people with disabilities.

    The notice that invites requests is available for public inspection in the Federal Registry. The Federal Registry will publish

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